Testimony: WEDA Petroleum Dealers Limited, Kenya - OSAM Method

Testimony: WEDA Petroleum Dealers Limited, Kenya

By Andreas Koller | Formulate Mission

Mar 03

Sometimes a real-life example is better than many words. Today I like to share with you the outcome of a customer that I built a “Basic Sales Automation Machine” in 2019.

Project Environment

WEDA Petroleum Dealers Limited got registered in Kenya in early 2019 as a Petroleum Wholesaler. Benedict Wesonga, the CEO of the company, contacted me after a referral by a friend. At this point, he didn’t have any prospective customers, no website, not even a logo. After the initial Project Evaluation Consultation, I drafted a project roadmap and got the contract directly after that.

We agreed on a Done4You contract, where we take the lead and simply make it happen.

In the following 4 Weeks, we executed the complete roadmap as follows:
  • We developed a corporate design (logo, presentation, business cards)
  • We drafted the processes of the business
  • We went on and completed the Marketing Foundational Framework to get an appealing messaging
  • We build a sales presentation, following our Content Crusher Framework
  • We recorded two videos, based on the sales presentation for later use in a Facebook campaign
  • We made the primary Sales Automation Machine with a Lead Magnet, Authority Amplifier Video and a mechanism, where prospects can request daily prices per mail or SMS
  • We implemented simple follow up sequences to nurture the prospects
  • We launched a Facebook page and started spreading the message from zero
  • We set up a Facebook Lead Campaign and launched it for Kenya
Let me give you the results of the first 3 Weeks of the Facebook campaign
  • We built an email list of 300+ highly targeted prospects
  • We started sending daily SMS and emails to nearly 150 people in this market
  • After a few days, we got high engagement on the Facebook ads
  • Petrol buyers started calling the customer on his mobile phone, willing to place orders
  • The company was able to attract additional investors, based on all the activities
  • The CEO called me, asking me what is going on, he didn’t understand how this all is possible
Benedict Wesonga
​Benedict Wesonga

​CEO of Weda Petroleum Dealers Ltd.
National Oil Licensed Super Distributor

​I ​didn't do anything and got great prospects calling me! We are very happy.

​Andreas implemented for us a complete ​Lead ​Automation ​System for our Company inclusive Corporate Design and Website in less than six weeks. The Video's he produced and published in a Facebook Ad Campaign enabled us to get great leads and prospects within weeks for very little money. Thanks, we are very grateful for this great job done!

And you know what happened then?

In this process, the customer got so excited that I was invited to a mandate to be the director for the Marketing & ICT of WEDA Petroleum Dealers Limited.

Unfortunately, shortly later we run into a problem with our leading supplier and we weren’t able to start operation as planned. But I’m sure that this problem will soon resolve and we can begin pushing again.

And then, one more exciting thing happened on the sideline ?

Out of the blue, I received an email from the Head, Human Resources Dept. in Shell from Housten, Texas. I got an invitation to send my CV for a possible job at Shell Oil Company. Isn’t that amazing?

Shell - Head of HR

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​Considering that we started this project on a green field, not having anything, I think you can now understand the power of a well laid out sales automation machine.

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