The Project Evaluation Consultation - OSAM Method

The Project Evaluation Consultation

By Andreas Koller | Formulate Mission

Mar 03

The Project Evaluation Consultation will give you absolute clarity, confidence, and a clear budget

If you like to get crystal clear in the work involved and the potential for your company and your sales team, you should consider doing a step an book a Project Evaluation Consultation with me.

The Project Evaluation Consultation is for the Sales and Marketing manager and their decision-makers.

After this step, you can decide to book our Done4You or DoneWithYou services, or you have a clear plan to do it on your own. In this case, you could choose the Coaching Service to get the necessary guidance during the project.

Why you should book the Project Evaluation Consultation now

  • Find out if we are a match or not
  • Get focused on the mission
  • We will find out what we do and what you and your team will do during the project
  • Receive a project plan and a budget
  • You can involve your decision-makers to make it happen faster

The Project Evaluation Consultation has three key elements

  • We assess your situation and draft a possible mission in a ZOOM online group call. I can do it with you alone, or you can invite up to three stakeholders in your company so that we make decisions together.
  • Based on this initial conversation, I will draft for you a possible project plan and tentative budget for the project. You will receive the project plan per email with an invitation for a second call.
  • We will come together again in another ZOOM group call to discuss the suggested project plan, clarify your questions, and do amendments if necessary.

The Project Evaluation Consultation will give you great insights into how your project will look like and which costs you should expect. Based on that, you will be able to decide so that we can start the implementation of your Sales Automation Machine right away.

You can book the Project Evaluation Consultation here, or if you still have questions, feel free to schedule a Fast Track Call with me, where we can resolve open issues.

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