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The Top 11 Benefits of a Sales Automation Machine

By Andreas Koller | Formulate Mission

Mar 02

Are you aware of what a state of the art Sales Automation Machine can do for your company and your sales team?

Let me share today some exciting facts and insights into the power of automation. You will learn that it can be a game-changer, even if your sales team is already doing great!

The technologies and processes we use with our customers have proven thousands of times worldwide to work great. The latest research shows that this is what works today. So stay tuned!

Usually, the greatest challenge to build a state of the art sales automation is the knowledge on how to do it, the initial costs, and a smart plan for the implementation. But when you look at the following key benefits, I think you should consider going the extra mile and do it.

So let’s dive in!

The top 11 Benefits of a Sales Automation Machine
  • If Done well, you will enjoy predictable numbers of fresh leads and prospects FOREVER
  • Using automated lead nurturing will warm up a cold opportunity before you even know about it
  • The cost per lead (CPC) will decline over time and get more predictable by improving the process
  • You don’t need to disturb people with cold calls and attract people that are looking for you
  • By using a quiz or questioners, you will gain plenty of knowledge about your customers which can be helpful for better-targeted communication
  • Sales costs will decline, as you don’t waste time on customers that are not fitting in
  • Quality sales messages, presentations, and speeches can be reused and spread to many prospects
  • When you need more leads, you start the sales automation machine again, when you have too many you decrease the campaign budget or even stop the campaign for a while
  • The level of pressure on the sales manager and his team will reduce
  • You end or reduce straining nightshifts and weekend work and gain more time for your loved once
  • Implementing After Sales Automation will significantly increase overall customer satisfaction
What is holding you back? Do you think you can afford not to build a Sales Automation?

In the last three years, we have built all the necessary knowledge to implement such Sales Automation Solutions for you. We designed a clear step by step roadmap to achieve your goal.

We call it “The Sales Automation Machine DNA 3.5”, and that’s how it looks!
Sales Automation Machine DNA 3.5

​Let me give you a hint on how you reach there in the most direct way. Consider booking a Fast Track Call with me, directly in my calendar using the button directly below.

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