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5 reasons why regular websites are not doing the job

By Andreas Koller | Formulate Mission

Mar 03

Why is your site not doing the job? Today I will give you five reasons why developing another new website will not change the game.

For a long time, I was building “normal” websites for customers. We all know, every company needs one today, but why are most of them not creating leads?

It did not longer satisfy me! Today I advise my customers to build sales automation machines.

General problems

  • Most websites are not getting enough organic visitor, that they could give a helpful number of leads
  • Today, more than 65% of visitors are mobile visitors using smartphones; most pages are not optimized for that
  • Pages are missing a call to action that is visible early; the visitor will not search for a contact form for long
  • The messaging is boring and not to the point; no reason for the visitor to dig deeper
  • A website owner like to talk about themself and forget to focus on the wishes of the visitor
  • The website owner doesn’t take the time to craft great content, and he doesn’t know how to do it

Visitor behavior

Let’s assume; a visitor is landing on a page inside your website from google
  • When the first sentence or title is not reflecting the information he searched in the google list, he will go back to google and try another website, and this visitor is gone
  • Generally, website visitors are highly distracted, and when they don’t get what they are looking for within 5 seconds, they will leave without reading more than three sentences
  • Let’s assume they like the information they found. When they have to spend time finding a contact form or they miss out on a Call to Action, they will leave. The Call to Action has to be immediately visible and easy to access.

The power of a Sales Automation Machine

So what are we doing when building your automation machine? What is different?
  • We spend much time, crafting the perfect message that resonates with the prospect
  • We look at the pains & frustrations and dreams & aspirations of your best possible customer
  • We build context before writing a massive amount of content
  • We try to get the email address of the prospect early so that we can nurture him later in the process
  • We define a precise and fast path that can be taken quickly even on a mobile phone
  • We invite the prospect to jump into your calendar and request a callback

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