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Why Sales & Marketing Managers Fail to Implement a Sales Automation

By Andreas Koller | Formulate Mission

Mar 02

Today I’m going to share with you the main obstacles which sales and marketing manager face when trying to implement a sales automation machine.

Interestingly especially successful sales teams are failing to update their sales process to the newest trends. The problem is mostly to find in their busy schedule and in lack of knowledge to do it.

Here are the seven most common reasons why sales and marketing manager fail to implement sales automation

  • They don’t have TIME to do it
  • Their time is TOO VALUABLE to do it
  • They don’t understand THE POTENTIAL for their team
  • They don’t know HOW TO do it
  • They are not open for the CHANGE to do it
  • They think it is too expensive and the privilege of the big players
  • The guy from the website agency says it’s too complicated

The fact is

Only a few years ago, it was still the privilege of the big players! And yes, it was very cumbersome and expensive. But times have changed, today everyone can do it. And you should seriously consider doing it!

So what are the right steps to take?

It would help if you had a good plan and a reliable partner. With the OSAM Method, we designed a precise and efficient 9 step process, which will guide you all along.

To get you started, we offer in the first step a small consulting unit where we build a project plan for you and define smart goals to achieve it.

Make the first step now

I invite you to a 20 Minute Fast Track Call, where I will tell you more about these first steps!

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